What We Do?

Sushil Pokharel, the founder of Sushmit Holdings, is passionate about using his experience and innovation to inspire startup firms that have the power to impact lives around the world. We invest in start-up teams building market dominating businesses and that are tackling significant issues.

As experienced entrepreneurs, investors and corporate executives, we know how to develop and grow a  startup into a full-fledged business. . Our expertise comes from working inside both developing start-ups and large firms, and we use it to help set up teams to create powerful organizations that will inspire the world.

We help startups to refine their business goals and prepare quality investor policies suitable for significant evaluation. Our goal is to impact promising startup individuals to relevant sources of capital in the most efficient way for all stakeholders. We focus on entrepreneurs  at early stages of business development and growth, and we guild them through every stage of the process. Often this includes fundraising for later development and expansion, making connections with our extended network, and  providing the operational guide to help scale success.

Understanding our vision of startup firms requires efforts on multiple fronts. Our investing initiatives reflect our obligation to promote a sustainable impact that improves the world. We do so by expanding efficiency, increasing reach and magnifying scope of millions of people living in low-cost around the world.